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The Influencers with Chris Jones

My monthly podcast is The Influencers with Chris Jones and in December, my special guests are from opposite sides of the world.  Gareth Wyn Jones is a well known farmer and presenter and entrepreneur from a beautiful part of North Wales, and Kem Minnick is an ex playboy model, entrepreneur, presenter and cook. They are both very influential people in their own right and even though their world might seem different, the common goal of both is to promote healthy and sustainable eating and living, NOT through a vegan and vegetarian diet, but by eating meat! They both receive a lot of social media abuse and negative comments as a result of their views and their promotion of meat eating but in my eyes, they are both lovely and positive people and it was fantastic to interview them both recently, over zoom, for the podcast in December. Look for The Influencers with Chris Jones on your favourite podcast platform including Spotify, Apple, Google or anchor.

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